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Why Stillness?


Stillness is a state that is hard to describe but you know when you have it. These are moments when you are at peace with yourself and connected to everything, be it Tao, God, Source, your team, your company, or the surrounding environment.


In these moments of being totally present, actions are transformed from being habitual, pushed or demanding into actions that are clear, direct and uncomplicated.


More often than not, however, this state is all too fleeting. The Stillness in Action method is a way of increasing our ability to access this state of presence when we most need it – when we are in full on action.



The Stillness in Action Method


The principle objective of the Stillness in Action Method is to give you access to:


  • Your internal sense of safety and security

  • To be comfortable in the unknown

  • The freedom to be creative

  • The clarity to take action

  • A true appreciation of your strengths

  • Trust in your own insight and wisdom

  • Connection with something larger than yourself


From stillness, you can move into action that is meaningful, aligned and whole; action that is in integrity with yourself and effective in serving others.

Coaching and Retreats

My book “Stillness in Action” introduces the seven elements of stillness with simple practices that can be integrated into your daily life with relative ease.

There is certainly enough material in the book to get you started, yet it is always easier to learn and establish new ways of doing things when you get a kick start. 


My Stillness in Action coaching programmes and retreats are carefully designed to give you the space and time to slow down and to give you and/or your team the skill and ability to experience stillness wherever you are. 


Caroline has given us a beautiful deep dive into the "fine art" of creating a rich meaningful life—and is that not what we all want?!

CPCC, Hay House author of "Play Your Bigger Game".

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