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I have travelled all over the world but this is one of my top 5 best places on Earth. I’ve come back a different person. Thanks Caroline for having given me more faith in myself.

Céline M
Retreat participant

The magic of Stillness in Action is it makes clear that the greatest skill we can cultivate is not our capacity to maintain our awareness on the present moment, but our capacity to recover when we have lost that focus.

Nick K
MA, CPCC, PCC, Author

Working with Caroline is a heart-opening and solution-generating experience.

Danelle D
Retreat participant

I want to say a huge thank you for receiving me so graciously when I was at my lowest, and helping me to find myself again over the past 12 months.

Kyle N
Retreat participant

Unbelievable how one day can impact one’s life. Close to nature, relaxed but working hard trying to find my own way supported by Caroline and Naida, I fully charged my batteries and know what to do next.

Tatiana R
Retreat participant

I loved the practices: both the Chi Kung in the early morning outdoors, and also learning the ancient section of the T’ai Chi form. I have been practicing them almost every day since with great pleasure. Definitely a much enjoyed and worthwhile retreat!

Elisabeth B
Retreat participant

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