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Autumn Retreat
Inviting Gratitude and Appreciation

22 - 25 October 2020

Strengthen the relationship with yourself 
and show up in whatever you do

  • How do you want to contribute to creating a better world? 

  • In what way is your work about transformation, rather than simply maintaining the status quo? 

  • How often are you really present in your actions and truly aware of your impact?


These powerful questions guide us through periods of transition, when we decide to stand up and use our abilities to make a difference. 

It is about fitting in.  And it is also about standing out.

Standing out requires two essential ingredients: appreciating who you are and having gratitude for what you have. The first step establishes a strong sense of Self. The second step channels your full potential in collaboration with the world.

What’s on the programme?

Our Autumn Retreat is designed for those who want to live a life full of purpose and in alignment with their authentic Self.  We know how easy it is to get lost in the everyday, continuous stream of doing things. That’s why we invite you to pause and appreciate yourself for who you already are and reestablish how you show up.


During the four days in the French Alps you will meet yourself as you are now through various practices:

  • T’ai Chi Kung to tap into our physical presence and listen to the wisdom of our bodies.

  • Interactive exercises with a partner to explore our natural ways of relating to other people and how they perceive us.

  • Nature-inspired coaching sessions to work with the elements and identify which of the natural energies resonate best with your authentic Self.

  • Visualisation and guided meditation to direct our attention inward and truly meet ourselves exactly where we are at the moment.

Apart from guided sessions and workshops, you will have plenty of free time to spend with yourself and others. You can read, journal, go for a walk or simply enjoy the autumn sun in the garden.

How Will You Benefit?

The Stillness in Action Autumn Retreat creates a sacred space for your personal transformation.  


Leaving the retreat, you will know who you are and how to engage your unique qualities more effectively.  


You will be empowered to embrace whatever unfolds and be responsive to whatever shows up.  

Unbelievable how one day can impact one’s life. I had visited the Lauvitel Lodge last year and I knew that a paradise was waiting for me, but I didn’t expect to have such an intense and effective time spent with others in a calm and trustful environment.  Close to nature, relaxed but working hard trying to find my own way supported by Caroline and Naida, I fully charged my batteries and know what to do next. Definitely going to join again and recommend it to anyone who would like to enjoy the mountains, boost your energy, discover your creativity and simply be surrounded by like-minded people.

-- Tatiana R

For those who like to know more

Each day follows a similar schedule. The morning starts with Chi Kung and T’ai Chi on the deck outside - what we call Moving Meditation.


Following a healthy breakfast, there is a morning workshop based on interactive exercises in pairs and/or groups. The focus is on developing self-awareness in relation to others.


After lunch, we set off on a mountain walk to experience the power of nature-inspired coaching. By coming in touch with Nature, we explore how our internal landscape changes accordingly.


Evenings are the time to unwind and take in the day. You can do that either by spending time on your own, socializing with others, journaling… or doing whatever else suits you.


The workshops and nature-inspired activities will be facilitated by two professional coaches and Nature lovers, Caroline Purkhardt and Naida Culshaw.


Throughout the Retreat, you may also book a massage with Katie or a private Reiki, T’ai Chi or personal coaching session with Caroline.

What to bring?

  • Comfortable clothing for Tai-chi/meditation sessions

  • Warm clothes, such as woollen socks and a comfy sweater

  • Outdoor clothing suitable for hiking

  • Waterproof jacket

  • Waterproof hiking boots

  • A pair of comfy shoes to wear indoors

  • Journal and/or a good book

  • Thermos/water bottle

  • Sunglasses and sun cream

  • Small Rucksack


To check what else is available at the Lodge, please feel free to contact us directly.


Retreat Participation​


per person


Provides access to all group activities and practices.

Food & Lodging

€270 - €420

per person


Single or shared room with
private or shared bathroom. Bed linen and towels provided. Includes all meals, teas, coffees & snacks for the duration of the retreat (wine and other beverages charged separately).

See the Registration page for more information and payment options.


Our Stillness in Action Retreats take place at Lauvitel Lodge, an extraordinary place situated in the small hamlet of La Danchere in the heart of the French Alps. Peaceful and secluded, the lodge remains easily accessible and provides all the comforts of a family-run hotel.

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