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Come to Lauvitel Lodge to get away from it all, to rest and recuperate, and to find clarity in the beautiful alpine surroundings.

Return home with renewed vigour, a clear action plan and an understanding of what you need to stay true to yourself, while supporting and inspiring those around you.

What to Expect

Your personalized VIP retreat will unfold naturally, perhaps in surprising or unpredictable ways, but always in a safe and secure environment. Whatever your personal focus or objectives, expect to experience a range of emotions, expand your comfort zone and benefit from the change in environment to see things differently.  


Feel at home, inspired by the calm atmosphere of the Lodge, the comfort of your room and the great food.


Explore the limits of your comfort zone surrounded by nature, running waters, open meadows, ancient forests, mountain lakes, cliff walls and rocky ridges.  


Regain fluidity by releasing control and being willing to be surprised.


Re-establish the power of your presence by being here in the now, appreciating all that you are.


Benefit from the change in environment to see things differently, experience yourself honestly, and reignite your enthusiasm and passion.

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